Friday, February 21, 2014

Random Musings From the Mountain

We are still gripped by the strong hand of winter. 
Many cold, dreary days & nights. 
We've lost a few loved ones over the last few months. 
Otto and Yumyum continue to have health issues but are still with us and are not in any pain.
My Yoga classes are small and get cancelled a lot because of the weather. Clients too, who wants to drive on treacherous roads if you don't have too?
As I write this, mercury is in retrograde and has demonstrated his power by bombarding me with missing checks and miscommunications between friends and colleagues. So, I work harder at something I already work hard at!
(Hmmm, this all sounds a little depressing, but I am not! I am actually starting to "feel" spring!)

Spending so much time alone up here on the mountain, I get to thinking about things. 
This particular thought/question, keeps coming back up:
"What would you do, if your one true love, the one who completes you, in a way that can not be described, but is understood by everyone who has experienced it. That knowing that this is THE one and only for you. That one other that can make you smile when they are not around, just because of the overwhelming love you have for them. What would you do if that person were to come back as the opposite gender that you are naturally attracted to?"
That's what I have been thinking about lately.

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